Daniel Bruun

Routes over the Highlands

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On my instigation the late Pall Briem, Deputy Governor of the N. and E. districts, advocated the plan of finding, and marking off the old mountain paths through the interior of Iceland. In 1897 I had crossed both the Kjalvegur and the Sprengisandur. At the expense of the Icelandic Treasury I then a second time crossed (in 1898) the interior of the highland and indicated the Kjalvegur which was subsequently marked off with cairns. In 1902, also at the expense of the Treasury, I undertook to trace and mark the difficult parts of the Sprengisandur between the Jokulls. Finally in 1905 through the influence of the Minister, Mr.H.Hafstein, the Treasury supplied the amount for the investigation of the path through the Kaldidalur, from the Geysir and Thingvellir to the north.

Besides these main bridle paths, I have explored several other passes in the mountains in the interior of Iceland, which however will not be mentioned here. Meanwhile only a description of the paths leading over the Sprengisandur and the Kjolur will be given here. It will be published by public aid, as in 1905, a certain sum of money was granted to the author, by the "Althing" (parliament) from its budget. Since the paths across the wastes have been traced, and marked off, no difficulty will be found in crossing either the Kjalvegur or the Sprengisandur.

Hetierup January 1907.

Daniel Bruun.

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